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Are you planning to take a loan at Sean? Before you apply, check if this offer is for you. We check what strengths and weaknesses characterize the time in this company and for whom it pays the most. The article is based on the actual experience of Sean’s clients – see if and why it is worth applying for a loan in this company.

Get the best loans online

The loans online published on Paydayloanhelpers.com are a great solution when you need a small amount of money in case of an emergency. We can borrow really little, from 100 zlotys for a maximum of 30 days and without any certificates or formalities. The loan will be on our account for up to several minutes.

This offer is an excellent alternative to more difficult bank loans, which are subject to many conditions, often not met for people with average creditworthiness. In addition, you can borrow the least 1000 PLN and the shortest for half a year – in Sean and the amount and credit period are much lower.

Sean does not inform what sources of income are accepted by him, which allows us to claim that people can apply for cash on junk contracts, pensioners, students, people benefiting from social benefits or receiving remuneration or benefits from other sources.

Sean loan is a solution for people who have liabilities in other institutions. The company does not exclude such borrowers, only informing them that they must meet all previously discussed conditions, have adequate creditworthiness and regularly pay their debts.

The pros and cons of Sean loan

You still do not know if the Sean offer is for you? Check the strengths and weaknesses of the loan – you can objectively assess the attractiveness of Sean. Do you think that the list below can be expanded? Please let us know in a comment – we will be happy to supplement our summary with your observations.


  • minimum of formalities,
  • quick decision to grant a loan (10 minutes),
  • identity verification with the Initiator application,
  • no need to present income statements,
  • the possibility of early repayment of the loan at no cost,
  • loan refinancing option for clients having difficulties with timely repayment,
  • the possibility to submit applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
  • clear website interface,
  • easy application,
  • loan tailored to the client’s needs,
  • high upper age limit (75 years).


  • high upper age limit (22 years),
  • loan already payable at the first offer,
  • low maximum loan range (PLN 1,600 at the first one, PLN 2,500 at subsequent ones),
  • verification of lenders in credit databases,
  • the company is not working at the weekend,
  • only one-off refinancing of the loan.

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