Loan for Wedding

The wedding should be the most beautiful day of life. For this reason, no expense and effort should be spared in such an event.

The vast majority have a clear idea of ​​what the day should be like, but many people face the problem that there is not enough capital available for this very special day. But that should not fail. There is the possibility to take out a loan for wedding.

What needs to be considered when making a loan for the wedding.

Credit for wedding

The cost of such an event is very high depending on the size. Above all, because nothing is missing on such an important day. The location, catering, music and the staff account for a decisive share of the costs. Accordingly, it should be carefully considered how this event will be funded.

If you do not have the necessary funds to cover the costs of the wedding, it is a good idea to take out a loan. However, some important aspects should be considered. An accurate calculation of the costs is essential in advance. In the calculation all possible costs have to be listed.

The following costs are often incurred at a wedding reception:


Cost p. person

Food restaurant

30 – 80 €

Drinks restaurant

10 – 20 €


20 – 60 €

Drinks at caterers

5-10 €

Equipment bride

600 – 2,000 €


400 – 1.200 €

Equipment groom

400 – 1.200 €

2 wedding rings

500 – 1,500 €


100 – 400 €

printed matter

1,50 – 4,50 €

Make-up & Styling

80 – 250 €

It is important to obtain as many offers as possible for all these cost factors. The prices sometimes vary very much. The more offers you have, the greater the choice. Who then has an overview of what costs in about to one should also take into account the revenue. This includes all financial resources that can be expected in the form of money gifts.

In this case, it is recommended to set very low in order to be protected against undesired surprises. Furthermore, the savings should be included. Basically, a certain amount for the wedding should be put back. Possibly the parents or parents-in-law will also control a share. Who then calculates all costs and revenues against each other, has roughly a rough overview of the financial context, the cost of the wedding move. Only then should the contact with a bank be taken up.

How can the right loan be found

In order to really find the individual credit for the wedding, it is advisable to obtain as much information as possible. Experiences of friends and acquaintances can be very helpful. The offers for a loan also vary greatly.

It must be carefully considered what amount should be used for which term. Due to the large number of providers, it is possible to set the loan according to the person. With monthly low rates, a successful wedding should then nothing stand in the way

Interest-free loans

Many bride and groom believe that there are no interest-free loans – no wonder, it is actually part of the business of the banks to lend money for interest. Today, however, there is a good deal in this area, so that the wedding can be financed with an interest-free loan.

Such models are mainly offered by supplier chains that work directly with banks for sales financing purposes. As part of their marketing strategy, they are now taking advantage of the opportunity to offer loans without interest. Incidentally, this does not apply to processing fees. However, it is often linked to specific conditions. So the duration is usually only a maximum of 48 months. In addition, the consumer has to pay a certain part of the purchase price.

Where there may also be interest-free loans

Of course, other interest-free loans can be granted from private to private. In close acquaintance or in the family this has long been an applied practice. However, of course, certain agreements are also made in advance. Sometimes certain securities must be deposited.

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