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Unsecured consumer credit, instant loans, instant loans and other similar monsters in the jungle have come to stay in our consumer society. In particular, the popularity of unsecured consumer credit has made leaps and bounds in recent years. Previously known instant leverages and instant loans are a bit behind. The reason for this breakthrough is that loans and loans offer more flexible repayment solutions.

Before dreaming about any kind of loan, we take a look at the credit information. What is the importance of credit history to the life of the average person. Can I lose my credit history, and what if I do?

Concept: Credit history


The payment default entry does not occur in one or two nights, but the non-payment must have lasted longer. That is, simply exceeding the due date by a few days will not yet stain your credit record with a default entry and you will not lose your credit history. Avoiding a default entry does not exclude debt collection, so you should pay your bills on time.

Credit information may thus be lost if payments are neglected and payment periods are extended. In the rural language, non-payment means that the invoice is not paid or is paid late. Any party whose invoice or loan repayment has not been paid shall notify the entity maintaining the credit record of the default. The Credit Information Act defines the specific grounds for the creation of a default payment order.

Your credit history is detrimental to your normal life

Your credit history is detrimental to your normal life

Credit information is not used solely for loan or credit applications. Credit information is used in everyday situations and losing it can bring with it many challenges. Below are some very common things that are affected by stains on your credit history.

Telephone line

Nowadays, credit information is required to open a phone subscription and is blocked by an entry in the credit information. As a result, Prepaid phone subscriptions have become more common as they do not require credit information. Of course, using Prepaid is more expensive than using a standard telephone.


Landlords are currently reviewing the credit history of their new tenants. An entry in the register can thus prevent access to a rental home.


Credit malfunctions usually affect your insurance coverage so that you do not have to divide the insurance into installments, but have to pay the entire premium at once.

Mortgage, credit card or other loan


Applying for and obtaining any kind of loan or credit will be significantly more difficult unless your credit information is in order. You may only be able to get a mortgage or other loan if you already have a certain percentage of savings. It is not possible to obtain a credit card if your credit information is lost. As with installment payments and overdrafts, an existing credit card may also be closed if the lender becomes aware of an updated payment default in the register.


In the worst cases, an entry in the credit register can even deny you access to employment. In some jobs, the employer has the right to check the credit history of his employee if it is considered to be essential to the individual’s ability to perform his or her job. Often the reason, as its name implies, is about trust. Usually in financial work, credit information is reviewed without exception.


Nobody wants their bills to end up in the draw. If your payments are on the payout line, it is no use dreaming of loans or other unsecured consumer loans. There is not much left in your normal salary after the attachment, so this will certainly motivate you to pay your bills and debts.

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