Online Loans With High Granting

Although the available offers among internet loans are really a lot, it is not easy for all companies to get a loan. We present to you a list of companies that provide online loans with high granting.

Only a few years ago finding a company providing online loans and repaying in monthly installments bordered on a miracle. Today, there are so many such companies that we can choose from many available offers. Both when it comes to loans available through loan companies, as well as those provided by banks.

There was already in our pages a list of the cheapest loans granted by non-banking. So today we will deal with the subject of these loans, which can be easily and quickly obtained, so we will focus on loans with high admissibility. This time, however, we will not focus exclusively on companies from the non-banking sector, but we will also broaden our comparison with the bank offer.

Our TOP5 – Online loans with high granting

Our TOP5 - Online loans with high granting

And we will start with a bank that has been doing boldly on the internet loan market more recently. I am talking about Polybank and its offer of loans granted completely online. As part of this offer, the bank has two proposals for us. Internet credit in the amount of up to PLN 4,000 can be obtained without any additional documents. You do not need a statement of income or even a bank account statement. As part of such a loan without certification, we will be able to get up to PLN 4,000. However, if we would like to obtain a much larger amount, the bank will be able to offer us a loan of up to PLN 50,000. Such loan is granted online, it is also characterized by high granting, but to obtain it will be needed, an additional document outside the ID card itself. It does not have to be a standard certificate from our employer, because it is enough for us to get a bank account statement . Although the Polybank online loan is willingly provided by the bank, you should be aware that to obtain it, you must have a positive credit history in BIK databases and adequate creditworthiness.

Another suggestion is a loan company, operating from a longer internet loan market. Truloan will allow us to get a loan also when the bank refuses our loan application. Through the company, we have the opportunity to receive a loan of up to PLN 15,000. Similarly to a bank, its repayment takes place in equal monthly installments and we can divide it into a period of 3 to 36 months. If we want to compare, if such a loan will be more expensive to pay, than a traditional bank loan, we can use the calculator on the truloan website for this purpose. With his help, within a dozen or so seconds we will calculate the installment of the monthly loan. A great advantage of truloan is the possibility of obtaining a loan within several dozen or even several minutes. The company does not have high requirements for the borrower. The basic condition is the age of 19 and the lack of negative opinions in the generally available debtors’ registers and the BIK database. truloan also belongs to companies in which certificates of income earned are not required to obtain a loan.

Zaloan is a fairly universal offer, because it should interest both those who are interested in borrowing online loans with high granting and with standard monthly installments. As well as those who would like their debt to be repaid in the shortest possible time. If you belong to the group of the latter, Zaloan can offer you repayment of the entire loan within 30 or even 15 days. What’s more, if you have never used the company’s offer before, you will be able to get it without any additional costs. Condition? Repayment of the whole amount borrowed within the set deadline, ie 15 or 30 days, depending on which repayment period you have chosen. Of course, Zaloan also makes repayment of the loan available in monthly installments. By choosing this option, we will have a repayment period from 3 to 24 months. Zaloan allows online loans to all people who are over 21 years old and have never had debt problems before.

Another company in the list of loans with high admittance is our old good friend, the Nominent company. The company has been operating on the loan market in Poland for 20 years and the lack of customers is not complaining all the time. Mainly because it observes the market and changes with it. Thanks to this, if we do not want to take the “home” loan in the Provider, which the company has been associated with for many years, we can use the internet loan. We will be able to pay it in standard monthly installments and the amount we choose. Nominent makes available today cash loans in installments in the maximum amount of PLN 20,000 and the loan repayment period from 3 to 48 months. Every person who is already 18 years old and able to repay loan installments will be able to apply for a loan in the company. A self-service loan available as part of the company’s offer is provided entirely via the Internet and without the need to hold a verification meeting with a company employee.

Duper Crose is a loan company that will not offer us the lowest loan costs, but it can certainly guarantee us a quick transfer to your account. This is the last of our candidates among companies providing online loans with high granting. The maximum amount of loans available on behalf of the company is PLN 15,000. We will be able to spread its repayment even for 60 months. Although in this case, we would not recommend borrowing money for such a long period, because of the high costs that we will have to incur. Fortunately, the company quite clearly presents the terms of the loan and its costs can be read before we apply for a loan. Duper Crose is a loan for people with ID cards, employment at the time of applying for a loan, and no entries in the register of debtors.

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