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The cheapest payday loans calculator. You do not know yet what is the cheapest payday loan? Will the payday loan calculator help you choose such a bank? Not always, but it will help to estimate the installments and get acquainted with the banks’ proposals.

How to find the cheapest payday loan? One thing is absolutely certain: the search for a payday loan can not be completed on the offer of only one bank. Contrary to appearances, differences in loans can be significant. Despite the fact that such comparison is time-consuming, and certainly we will not be able to check all the banks, it is worth doing. If you do not have time to go to bank branches, you can use the calculator below.

Finding the cheapest payday loan can be started with the above loan calculator. This is a quick comparison of bank offers with approximate calculated loan installments. The final loan offer depends on our creditworthiness, therefore the comparison engine should be treated as a tool used to read the offers of banks, estimate loan installments and enable contact with a selected bank.

You can also read the loan proposals below:

What to look for when choosing a loan?

What to look for when choosing a loan?


The comparison of payday loans should start with the APY of the loan, ie the actual annual interest rate on the loan. It is not only the nominal interest rate that decides on the credit costs, but also the other fees related to the loan. In addition to interest, it is a loan commission, a fee for processing the application or the cost of loan insurance. APRC includes all these fees and is expressed as a percentage. The smaller the APR, the cheaper the loan is.

It also depends on the amount of the loan and the loan period. Only the same loan can be compared, ie, for example, a payday loan of € 20,000 for 6 years. One month ahead or back is another APRC value!

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